quoteCreating Visionary Ideas – Turning them into Reality

Triangle Pictures is a Maastricht/Bielefeld based media agency committed to crafting compelling narratives that inspire and illuminate. From moving pictures to short moments of a single frame, Triangle pictures looks for the epic, surprising, and sometimes emotional moment. Looking to establish a name in new media, interactivity and traditional art. Triangle Pictures is specialized in: Entrepreneurship, Film, Photography, Idea Development, Media Strategy, Editing, Production and Post Production.

Triangle Pictures was founded in 2011. Currently Triangle Pictures is still building up its base of young, motivated, talented and inspiring people who are striving to accomplish and develop visionary ideas. Right now the agency is based in Maastricht,NL as well as in Bielefeld,GER. With more time going by the young group of people seeks to establish its name in the new media.

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